U THAN MAUNG – The No 1 Amateur Photographer


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U THAN MAUNG – The No 1 Amateur Photographer
by Lukas Birk with a foreword by San Lin Tun

Edition of 300
Hand-made in Myanmar as part of an education project with book-binders in Yangon
Stab-bindig 64 Pages
21 x 15,6 cm
Gold debossed

This book holds the picture life of U Than Maung, one of Myanmar’s most important amateur photographers. His images bring us stories from times of war and peace, change and hope.

The book is part of the Myanmar Photo Archive

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“…. There are two people I would have loved to have met in order to understand the practice of Burmese photographers before my time: D.A. Ahuja and U Than Maung. While D.A. Ahuja was probably the most influential professional image-maker, U Than Maung might have been the most influential amateur photographer. The images he left us with convey his incredible sensitivity for the environment around him. He understood that the events of his lifetime had to be documented for future generations. Sadly, most of his materials from before independence have been lost or ended up in obscurity. The images we present in this book show a devastating and yet hopeful period in Myanmar’s history….”