FERNWEH a man’s journey




FERNWEH – a man’s archive
by Lukas Birk

The book was printed in five different countries and assembled into one box! From Delhi to Bregenz from Yangon to Istanbul.

Fernweh is Lukas’ most personal work yet. He delves into the lives of his late father and grandfather. Exploring the parallels and differences of theirs and his life. “FERNWEH – A man’s archive is a riveting travelogue memoir that unwraps the lifetime of three generations of men who shared a passion for travelling, photography and the mountains.” Natasha Christia.

Edition of 300 – signed and numbered
6 Brochures
with an introduction by Natasha Christia


Excerpt from the introduction:

…FERNWEH unwraps the lifetimes of three generations of men: Lukas’ grandfather Viktor Birk, who served as a soldier in the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany during World War II; his father Andreas Birk, a hippy traveller and adventurer of the 1970s and 80s; and finally, Lukas himself, a contemporary wanderer and artist. 

To bring this sophisticated albeit cryptic visual depository to life, Birk has referred both to his progenitors’ legacy and to his own history as an artist. Old travellers’ guides, maps and handcrafted Birk family photo albums of homeland mountain excursions and far-away road journeys coexist with materials from Lukas’ personal archive, such as prints, journals, travel memoirs, and portraits of anonymous men, all collected and/or produced between 1999 and 2017…