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Fraglich Publishing was initiated by Austrian photographer and researcher Lukas Birk in 2007. Until recently, it was primarily an imprint of Lukas’ own work and investigations. Since 2017, we have also published books and editions by other artists, and we are planning to increase this production in the next few years.

We produce and distribute the publications of the Myanmar Photo Archive, the first photo book publishing endeavour to come out of Myanmar. All books are locally produced with whatever materials are available. We also train people in the art of book making.

Our books primarily concern photographic history with a rarely seen cultural insight. This is why we made it our aim to produce and distribute the books locally before selling them abroad. For example, the books from the Myanmar Photo Archive are produced in Yangon, sold locally for an adapted price so that people can afford them, and only then distributed internationally on this platform. Hence, purchasing a Myanmar Photo Archive book also supports the development of the Myanmar photo book scene.

We believe change is needed in the way we give access to information, even if this means taking a cut in profits and creating complications in our production.

As book and edition making collides with our belief in reducing the consumption of natural resources, for each book we sell we plant a tree with The Eden Project.

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Lukas also gives updates on the production of his books on his social media.

The Myanmar Photo Archive has an extensive web platform and very active Instagram with images from the archive.

 Ps: If you are wondering what ‘Fraglich’ means, it translates as ‘questionable’ in German. We produce books with historic content, yet we do not believe in rigid forms of history; that’s why we put our own books into question.


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