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A shout out to all friends of Myanmar and Photo books!

We are in the process of publishing two books with images from the Myanmar Photo Archive locally in Yangon. The really special thing is that we are training book-binders here on how to do stab-binding and experiment with cover materials that are not in use in Myanmar. These will be the first ever photo-books with stab-binding in Myanmar. Support it and we will send you a great package with lots of goodies. More about the Myanmar Photo Archive here.



U THAN MAUNG – The No1 Amateur Photographer. (64 pages, stab-binding, A5, edition of 300)

This book holds the picture life of U Than Maung, one of Myanmar’s most important amateur photographers. His images bring us stories from times of war and peace, change and hope (.1940-1970s). With an introduction by Yangon based writer San Lin Tun.


REPRODUCED – Rethinking P.A. Klier and D.A. Ahuja. (68 pages, stab-binding, A5, edition of 300)

Philipp Adolphe Klier and D.A. Ahuja were two of the most important image-makers during Myanmar’s early colonialtimes. Their reproductions have been used and interpreted throughout the decades in many different forms, yet we still know very little about their lives. While much of their original work survives today in the form of reproductions, they still form an integral part of Myanmar’s visual heritage. We must ask ourselves, what do these images really tell us about life in Myanmar 100 years ago? With a wonderful questions-raising essay by US based scholar Carmin Berchiolly.