SIX TRICKS – Box Camera Photography along the Grand Trunk Road & beyond

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by Sean Foley and Lukas Birk 

16x19cm / 122 Pages
Edition of 300 with 10 Special Vip Editions


Six Tricks is a light-hearted and visually charming exploration of the magic box camera photographers shared with Sean Foley and Lukas Birk along the Grand Trunk Road and beyond over the course of a decade. Showcasing the playful side of the photographers’ image-making, the book illustrates the photographers’ tricks of the trade such as painting with kite paper, decorating with leaves, how to expose multiple images at the same time and many more. It also illustrates how to use and build a box camera. The book connects previously published works by the authors on box camera photography: Afghan Box Camera (Dewis Lewis, 2013), Photo Peshawar (PIX Publishing, 2018) and Indian Minute Camera Photographers (Fraglich Publishing, 2021).