This camera was built by Manawar Shah in Kabul in 2012, and commissioned by us during the research of the Afghan Box Camera Project. Have a look at the video we produced below, documenting the full making process. The camera had a great run with us. For some time, it was housed and displayed at the Anthropology department at Goldsmiths University in London. It has been part of Afghan Box Camera exhibitions and inspired people to learn more about its history and practice.

It is time for us to pass this wonderful camera and the history it embodies on to either an institution or an individual who can cherish its value.

50% of the profits will go to a box camera photographer in need in India. We have worked with him for years, and we would like to support him with this sale.

Take a look at the video below and the great work Manawar Shah has done.

With the camera come four publications that Sean Foley and I, as the Afghan Box Camera Team, worked on together: *Afghan Box Camera*, *Indian Minute Camera*, *Photo Peshawar*, and *Six Tricks*.