BOX CAMERA NOW – Book + 2 Fibre Based Prints


By Justine Montmarche & Sébastien Bergeron

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Box Camera NOW offers a unique insight into a new generation of Box Camera photographers working on the street and studios with primarily homemade cameras. These rudimentary tools follow a history of street photographers who worked around the globe in parks and on street corners, creating cheap memorabilia and first-time photographic experiences for the masses.

Receive a copy of Box Camera NOW
alongside 2 original Silver-gelatin Box Camera prints by Justine Montmarche & Sébastien Bergeron

Justine and Sébastien are sort of old-timers in the new wave of Box Camera Photographers. They had a very fortunate meeting with Issa Samado in Mopti, Mali, in 2011. They built their first camera that year and dedicated it to him as so much of their work came out of this inspiring encounter. For the last nine years, they have taken pictures on the street, often travelling through Europe to festivals and events. They originally called their camera a Street Box Camera. Justine still works as a Box Camera Photographer at events and on the street, while Sébastien has turned from itinerant photographer to craftsman and is probably the most prolific Box Camera manufacturer in the world. He has constructed more than 130 cameras and provided many photographers with a tool of joy or enterprise in the spirit of the couple’s Malian muse.

The prints will be attached to the back of the book.

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