ALAMİNÜT FOTOĞRAF – Hard Cover Edition with specials





by Lukas Birk
with an essay by
Özge Baykan Calafato

16.5x21cm / 192 Pages
Hardcover – cloth bound  / bilingual Turkish/English
12 postcard reproductions
4 maps
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

The Hardcover edition has a beautiful silkscreen-printed canvas cover. Inside, you’ll discover 12 reproductions of Alaminüt photographs from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Additionally, there are four maps from different periods representing Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, as the images in this book begin with the end of the Empire. These maps establish the historical context from various perspectives, enriching the reader’s understanding of the images within the book.

Alaminüt Fotoğraf reveals the history of photographers working on the  streets of Turkey with a simple wooden box, serving as camera and dark-room in one. The camera was used from the 1910s onwards and has been an integral part of the history of photography in Turkey as well as the documentation of Turkish citizens in the new republic. The book explores the work of these photographers throughout the country, focusing on both leisure and administrative photographs.

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